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Wecolorlips - Cup Lipstick 2022 cor 03
Wecolorlips - Cup Lipstick 2022 cor 03

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Wecolorlips - Cup Lipstick 2022 cor 03

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Wecolorlips! is a set of matte lipsticks that can also be used as eyeshadow, blush and face paint, perfect for making your cheering even more vibrant.

In addition to highlighting beauty and being versatile, our new darlings have components that will help moisturize your lips. All of this in striking colors (red, green, yellow and nude) so you can rock your makeup at all times, especially on the way to the hexa!!!

How to use
Start by applying to the center of the lips and then work your way to the edges for full coverage. Wait for it to dry without rubbing, to keep the color uniform.

Gently remove excess from the applicator and dot one or two dots on each cheek, then use your fingertips and lightly tap the skin for a more even finish, using a brush to blend.

Apply directly to the eyelids with the applicator and blend with a brush or your fingertips.

Face painting
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