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Capicilin Hair Tonic Grows Strong - 20ml


Capicilin Hair Tonic Grows Strong - 20ml

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Capicilin Hair Tonic Grows Strong is an intensive treatment that helps strengthen and promote healthy hair growth.

It was developed for you who want a fast hair growth keeping it long and healthy. It can be used on all hair types. Besides, it regenerates the interior of the thread and does not harm the scalp. It promotes total resistance and luminosity to the hair with vitamin B5 active ingredients contained in its formula.

The Capicilin Hair Tonic Grows Strong has immediate action with just a few drops ensures satisfactory results from the first application. The result is hydrated and nourished hair with healthy growth.

How to use: Before washing your hair, apply the Capicilin Hair Tonic Grows Strong on the scalp, massaging gently with your fingertips. Leave applied for 15 minutes. Wash your hair as usual. It can be added to the cream bath in hair hydrations.

About the brand: Capicilin arrived on the cosmetics market in 1950, with the launching of the first hair treatment tonic: Capicilin Y. Over time, the company has been accumulating knowledge obtained from studies and research in the area of hair technology, which allows it to always offer innovative products, high technology, quality and beauty results to its consumers. Located in the city of Vespasiano-MG, Capicilin has a modern factory with 6,000m², with a production capacity of 400 tons/month of products.