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Capicilin Brazilian Gradative Sealing 100ml


Capicilin Brazilian Gradative Sealing 100ml

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Capicilin Selagem Gradativa is a powerful antivolume treatment especially suitable for voluminous hair, armed or unruly.
Safe and of high quality, it is ideal to reduce volume, open curls, soften waves, eliminate frizz, settle rebellious and brittle hair and provide an incredible and long-lasting shine. It contains a blend of powerful oils, nourishing and immediately absorbed, providing Max volume reduction and absolute control. Its effect is spectacular: hair with adequate volume, superbly nourished and treated, extra shiny, extremely soft and healthy.
Powerful oils = Argan Oil + Monoi Oil + Macadamia Oil + Ojon Oil.

Directions for use:
1. Apply Salt Free Shampoo to wet hair, massage gently into lather and rinse. Repeat if necessary;
2. Dry hair completely using a hair dryer;
3. 3. Put on disposable gloves to begin the process;
4. Begin by spraying the Thermal Relaxer Fluid from the back of your head, starting at the nape of the neck, separating very fine strands and combing them straight from root to tip;
5. Let the product act for 15 minutes;
6. Start the brushing process with a hair dryer starting from the back of the head until the hair is completely brushed;
TIPS: to make your gradual seal last longer, avoid exposure to sea air and pool chlorine. Do the maintenance using the Capicilin Lis In Treatment Smooth Effect line.