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Nativa SPA Strawberry Ruby Body Soap 200ml

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Nativa SPA Strawberry Ruby Body Soap 200ml

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Nativa SPA Strawberry Ruby Body Soap 200ml
With Nativa SPA Strawberry Ruby Liquid Body Soap you'll have a relaxing bath and clean, fragrant skin!

Formulated with Strawberry Extract and enriched with Quinoa Oil, the liquid soap, when it comes into contact with damp skin, forms a creamy lather that gently cleanses and leaves skin soft and fragrant.

The fragrance of the liquid soap deodorizes the skin with a combination of floral and woody notes contrasted with the sweetness of strawberries. This blend brings a delicate, chic and sensual blend to your self-care routine.

Check out the many benefits this liquid soap brings to your skin:

- Formulated with Quinoa Oil, which increases collagen and firms the skin;

- Leaves skin soft and fragrant;

- Made with 96% natural ingredients.

None of O Boticário's products are tested on animals, meaning that this item is Cruelty Free. Vegan liquid soap.