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Golden Drop Strengthening Mask Keratin Recharge 1000g

Gota Dourada

Golden Drop Strengthening Mask Keratin Recharge 1000g

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Gota Dourada Strengthening Mask Keratin Recharge 1000g. Gota Dourada strengthening for chemically treated hair. The ultra modern and regenerating formula of the Strengthening for Chemically Treated Hair line without salt is a powerful Keratin recharge for strands with coloring, straightening or any chemical process. Specially developed to restore shine, softness and vitality of chemically treated hair, it cleanses gently without damaging the hair.

KERATIN: Protein present in the hair formation process. Its function is to coat the hair like a film providing elasticity, resistance, hydration, shine and hair restructuring.
DEJABORANDI EXTRACT: strengthens and revitalizes hair strands. It activates blood circulation allowing the roots to have better oxygenation and to be nourished in a more efficient way, acting mainly to control hair loss and stimulate growth.