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Curls High Fixation Activating Jelly - 250g


Curls High Fixation Activating Jelly - 250g

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Developed to hydrate, nourish, activate and define curls. The entire Natural Curls line provides efficient treatment that results in soft, malleable and illuminated hair.

Its main assets provide amino acids and proteins for functional nutrition of the fiber, functional hydration, restores elasticity of the threads, gives high power moisturizing, deep nutrition and consequently more vitality to hair.

Indication: Curly and very curly hair (3B / 3C / 4A / 4B / 4C).

Main active ingredients: Coconut Oil; Vegetable Collagen; Avocado.

To intensify the format of curls, this Natural Curls Jelly promotes the formation of a protective film, maintains hydration and gives an incredible memory effect on the wires, providing high fixation and modeling without compromising the natural balance. Enriched with sunscreen, it also protects against external damage. (250g) - pH neutral