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Dream Body Splash Espelho Secreto 200ml

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Dream Body Splash Espelho Secreto 200ml

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Dream Body Splash Espelho Secreto inspires you to unleash your creativity and escape your reality, if only for a few moments, through a fragrance that has the power to transport you to universes where there are no limits to your imagination!

This splash brings feminine power with an enveloping fragrance and playful packaging to make you feel like you're in a real fairy tale.

Shades of red mark every detail, from the color of the mouth to the juicy fruits that exude their striking scent into the air. Your imagination will run wild, you'll feel freer and more confident. It has top notes of apple, peach and pear, followed by transparent floral, rose and sandalwood in the body notes, and finishes with a warm milk accord, vanilla, musk and amber in the base notes. A fruity floral fragrance dedicated to a woman who knows what she wants!