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Malbec Sport Body Spray Deodorant 100ml

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Malbec Sport Body Spray Deodorant 100ml

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Find out more about Malbec Sport Body Spray Deodorant 100ml
Malbec Sport Deodorant Body Spray offers protection and intense perfuming for men with a fragrance as impactful and unforgettable as a new car.

The Deodorant Body Spray guarantees intense perfuming throughout the day, with a masculine Woody Aromatic fragrance. It can be applied to the body and armpits, and its composition protects against perspiration odors and has a double deodorant active ingredient which, as well as perfuming, refreshes the body. Apply after showering and enjoy the pleasant sensation!

With the same fragrance as Malbec Sport Deodorant Cologne, it has an innovative combination and formula with the exclusive Eight Elements Chord, which reminds you of the smell of a new car. The Deodorant Body Spray will give you the feeling of freedom wherever you go.

Did you know that a bad smell is just the start of the conversation when it comes to perspiration? You need to use a good deodorant and sanitize your armpits to keep bad smells at bay and regulate sweating. Malbec Sport Body Spray Deodorant protects the skin against perspiration odors and helps regulate the amount of sweat. Ideally, you should also pay attention to your choice of clothing. Some of them retain sweat and give bacteria more chance to take action.

This product is vegan, and with the practicality of your daily routine in mind, it has a refill which is an economical and sustainable way to replace the product.


- Protects against perspiration odors;

- Double active deodorant;

- Intense fragrance;

- Can be used on the body and underarms.

No Boticário Group product is tested on animals.

Olfactory family: Woody Aromatic

Protects against unpleasant sweat odors. Eight Elements accord and special fragrance with double deodorant active.

How to useMalbec Sport Body Spray Deodorant 100ml
Application Tip
Shake the bottle well before applying the product. Apply as much as you like to the body or armpits. If you prefer, reapply during the day to maintain fragrance and protection.
Perfumed, deodorized and protected skin.